10 key reasons top producers use Mondoflyers for their clients' real estate email flyers

Effectiveness. Exposure. Ease of Use.

(Top producers continually seek the best, not simply the oldest or biggest)

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While industry "old dogs" rest on their laurels, still emailing older‑tech immobile‑layout vanity flyers since 2005…

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… we keep adding new capabilities that help our top producers bring more buyers to the table!

MondoFlyers is still the only agent-to-agent realty eflyer company with:

  1. Always easily readable, modern, mobile responsive eflyers. Older vendors may call their non‑responsive (immobile-layout) templates mobile 'friendly', but true mobile 'responsive' marketing emails are what all Fortune 500 brands send because they stay easily readable. Now YOU can send fully-mobile flyers for your client too, using the industry's only fully-mobile responsive templates.
  2. Routinely larger agent lists. Up-to-date lists with 90% inbox placement. Compare 100 top markets and our superb inbox placement and emailer reputation.
  3. 7 days a week support for you. Up to twice as many support hours/week as other vendors. Top producers don't work "office hours" and neither do we. You can place and send same-day orders on weekends!
  4. Complete and accurate EMAIL opens reporting with the industry's most detailed delivery report backed by the best open rate guarantee. (We're frankly amazed some leading vendors get away with obfuscating your email opens data.)
  5. Fastest ordering with 24x7 automatic uploads of your photos and description into your eflyer – so you instantly see your first draft. (C'mon, in 2024 why should you have to wait for someone – who only works M-F office hours – to make a draft for you? Read more about how we save you time.)
  6. Precision targeting, map-based price list offering both "bull's eye" and "counties-wide" list selections with "Nth select" option to "test the waters" in a large area, and a map of the selected zipcodes. Targeting options explained…
  7. Thoughtfully paced email blasts. Rather than risk reducing your client's open rate by sending your blast 5 minutes after another agent's blast (as other leading vendors do) we carefully pace same-area blasts for optimal results.
  8. QR codes – every order includes 8 trackable QR codes that let you promote your eflyer on printed media (which is tracked on your delivery report).
  9. Reaches more BUYERS by offering recipients an unbranded copy to forward to their clients (which is tracked on your delivery report).
  10. Better search engine visibility for your client's listing. Instead of putting your client's listing details inside an image, where search engines don't see it, MondoFlyers presents your listing details as search engine friendly text.

Does your client want Better, or Older?

Older eflyer vendors don't always "keep up".

see a Competitive Analysis…

Customer service that is genuinely unparalleled:

  • We're on call 7am to 11pm PST, 7 days a week!
  • We routinely fullfill orders in minutes – even on weekends!
  • We offer a double-digit open rate guarantee. learn more
  • We'll even create custom templates, with upgrades and discounts for ALL your agents. learn more
  • Our built-in comment card makes it easy to show a draft to your client or broker for comments and approval. learn more
  • As a courtesy to ALL REALTORs who don't need an email blast, we even offer a FREE web flyer, virtual tour, and photo gallery to ANY agent, for each of their residential listings, no purchase required. learn more

These world-class benefits are a result of our family owned & operated team that also happens to have created multiple silicon valley IPOs.

P.S. What busy agents say about our service

Thanks for catching and fixing those typos!
– Renee B., Lake Oswego, OR
I like your flyers and process better than ZipYourFlyer. I will be using you as my new vendor now.
– Chuck P., Nashville, TN
One of the things we love about MondoFlyers is your thoughtful 7-days-per-week support hours that lets me make last-minute updates to my email blast even on weekends! For example, on Saturday our client decided on a (literally) last-minute price change right before our blast went out, yet we were able to "stop the presses" and update our flyer to feature the reduction! (We certainly did not get THAT level of service from your 'Monday-thru-Friday' competitors.) – April S., Huntington Beach, CA
In contrast to ZipYourFlyer's relatively bare-bones offering, I am continually impressed with the MondoFlyers website ease of use, responsiveness, and thoughtful attention to the details that create more effective email blasts (such as smartphone templates, forwardable unbranded versions, QR codes, Poll questions, and a client report that has delighted sellers AND helped me gain new clients).
  – Larry L., Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson (WA)

Questions? email: Help@Mondoflyers.com (7am to 11pm PST, 7 days a week) ⋄ Call or TEXT: 650.681.2200

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