An Ironclad Email Open Rate Guarantee

You may have noticed with surprise that even in 2022 some real estate email flyer vendors (including self-proclaimed "industry leader" ZipYourFlyer) fail to provide an actual, measured email open rate for their email flyers. We don't play games reporting your client's eflyer blast results.

MondoFlyers believes when you pay for an email blast you are entitled to detailed email reporting. Of course, our inbox placement rate (like other vendors) is a superb 90%, but what actually matters is "actual eyeballs" on your flyer. And that's open rate, plus list size.

That's why we offer the following 10% total email open rate guarantee. (Many MondoFlyer blasts do considerably better.)

I love using MondoFlyers because the website is so easy to use, and they have the emails of local agents so I simply select the number to reach depending on the exposure I'm looking for. Support is prompt if I have a question, and my open rate results are WELL above their guarantee, in fact my average open rate has been 14% which is excellent for agent-to-agent eflyers!
— Margery Bare (Portland, OR)


Our detailed delivery report shows your MEASURED total email opens, which we guarantee to be at least 10%.

  • PRO-RATED REFUND. We'll issue a pro-rated refund upon request if your open rate by recipients on your real-time delivery report does not reach the guaranteed percentage by the end of the third business day. Use the detailed delivery report link we email you after your flyer goes out. (As usual in the email industry, a flyer email is counted as 'opened' if the email's images are loaded.) Refund requests must be made within 14 days of the date the flyer was emailed.
  • NO FINE PRINT. If you ever feel your MondoFlyers experience was disappointing please let us know so we can try to make it right.
  • NO OBFUSCATION. We NEVER obscure your measured EMAIL opens by also adding other metrics such as non-email views (as some competitors do).
  • MORE DETAIL. We always report BOTH the Unique email opens AND Total email opens (so you know what level of interest your flyer really got). We also report:

    • Web views
    • Social Media clicks
    • Unbranded Copy requests
    • Unbranded Copy views.

    And we provide 8 trackable QR codes, and unlimited trackable URLS so you can measure which other websites or media are generating opens for your flyer.

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