Policies and “Frequently Asked Questions”

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I just did my first-ever eflyer on the fly this morning before heading out the door. I've been wanting to figure out how to do these for some time but have just been too busy… but I received one of your flyers from another agent in my email and just decided to click on your MondoFlyers link at the bottom of the flyer… You made this incredibly easy and have been so helpful and immediately responsive in getting this right for me… You EVEN proactively checked online and noticed I had an upcoming open house and suggested I add that to my flyer!
— Kim S., Bellevue, WA
There's really no recurring / monthly fee?

Correct. It's a la carte… you pay only when you have us email a flyer for you. If you want a quick estimate of what your flyer will cost, visit the pricing estimator on our pricing page.

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What can I SHOW my seller and new prospects?

A FREE "client report" shows your client you are working hard for them. It is your flyer with a banner showing how many agents you're sending it to, and is suitable for emailing and/or printing for current and prospective clients.

In fact, agents tell us these client reports are an awesome tool for closing NEW clients because it shows them some of the extra marketing you do for your clients.

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It's URGENT - how soon can you email my MondoFlyers?

Often within minutes, even on weekends! (Like a Reno agent mentioned below re: weekends and holidays.) If you submit a same-day order the system sends an alert to an on-call staffer and we're often able to process your order within minutes. A modest $10.00 'special delivery' fee applies for same-day flyers or flyers for the next day if order is placed after 9pm PST.

We email flyers 7 days a week between 8am to 4:00pm. Normally, agents create and order their flyer a day or two ahead of time, but we'll bend over backwards to accomodate rush orders!

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How do your UNBRANDED versions help me SELL FASTER?

They put your client's listing in front of buyers. To be honest, we're amazed no other vendors have added this awesome sell-faster feature.

More agents forwarding your flyer to their clients helps you sell faster, right?

But, agents naturally are reluctant to forward a flyer to their client that has your name and contact info.

So our system lets agents request an UNBRANDED version with your name and phone removed (but still attributing your brokerage as the listing office).

You can certainly disable this unbranded feature for your flyer, but almost nobody does that because it is such a valuable feature.

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Last minute changes or cancelations are always FREE. Simply click the big red Cancel/Change button on your flyer any time before your blast gets emailed.

If you cancel your flyer before it goes out, for any reason, you automatically get a FULL refund. (You don't even have to ask.)

And unlike other vendors who may charge extra if you exceed a limited number of proofs, you can make unlimited free changes even at the last minute without charge.

Must I PRE-PAY before seeing my flyer (like other vendors)?

Pay after you approve the final copy. We think you should see exactly what you are paying for before you pay for it.

In our system you enter your credit card info after you see the final flyer, approve it, and place your order.

And if, after you pay, you cancel for any reason, you get an instant full refund.

Are you closed NIGHTS, WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS (like all other vendors)?

The only service with same-day orders on weekends. It is rare that we do not have at least one support staffer on call from 7am to 11pm PST, 7 days a week. (If you do the math, we're available more than twice as many hours per week as competitors such as ZipYourFlyer)

On a 3-day-weekend (the Saturday before President's Day) a RE/MAX agent in Reno had a new price to announce. He started a flyer at 11:05am, and it was emailed to approx 2300 agent in less than an hour (at 11:55am).

(Other eflyer vendors were closed until Tuesday.)

Learn more about 7 days/week support…

When is the BEST DAY AND TIME to email my MondoFlyers?

Generally it does not matter unless it's a flyer for a same-day event (in which case the sooner the better).

The total overall open rate you will see within 24 hours is comparable regardless of the day (including Saturday) or time.

Can I include my CO-LISTING agent?

Yes. For a sample showing a co-listing agent see this sample eflyer

If you use our deluxe template upgrade, it supports 6 flyer photos (instead of 3), 30 virtual tour photos (instead of 10), you can add a second agent's contact info to your flyer. The deluxe template is free for accounts with custom templates and otherwise $5.00.

Can I create a MULTI-HOME flyer?

Yes. Our deluxe template supports up to 6 listings if you are announcing a multi-home broker's open – for example a "Progressive Broker's Open". The deluxe template is free for free for accounts with custom templates and otherwise $5.00.

How is a MOBILE RESPONSIVE eflyer better?

It's always easily readable. Like the marketing emails the Fortune 500 sends, your client's listing eflyer needs to be easily readable even for the 50% of agents who use a smartphone to read their email.

Text-size readability comparison: mobile view of a MondoFlyer eflyer (left) vs. competitor ZipYourFlyer eflyer (right). Lower-left portion of March 2022 screenshots of two iPhone emails. You can view the ACTUAL SIZE 3000x3000 pixels image here. Each email screenshot is from the Apple Mail app on an iPhone 6S Plus, 1242×2208 pixels. We have intentionally blurred identifying listing details, showing only 15 non-identifying words (circled) for text-size readability comparison purposes. For easier reference, screenshots are superimposed on images of an iPhone.

Older technology flyers (such as competitor ZipYourFlyer) simply shrink everything smaller to fit the screen. Very small, in some cases.

Our modern mobile-responsive eflyer, on the left, adapts to any screen size to stay readable.

Learn more about mobile responsive…

How can my client or broker PREVIEW AND COMMENT beforehand?

Yes, collecting client/broker feedback is built-in. MondoFlyers has a very cool built-in pre-publication comment card feature that lets people preview your flyer and make comments. All the comments get emailed to you AND get collected on one screen for easy reference.

Simply click the "Comment" button on your flyer control panel to invite your client, broker, co-listing agent, etc., to review it and make suggestions that you can review right on your flyer!

Other eflyers services built on older technology can't do that, which makes collecting feedback like herding cats.

Learn about the comment card…

What are your tips for GREAT headlines / email subjects?

Your headline is also your email subject line, and a great email subject is critical for getting the best results. The main things are to be specific, and descriptive.

Learn about great email subjects…    Here's 24 specific tips…

Can my BROKERAGE get a "deal?"

Yes! A FREE brokerage-wide account offers special deals and customization for brokerage, and its agents, contact support for details.

What DISCOUNTS are available?

Several! From time to time, we offer different discounts and promotions. For example, if you send a flyer for a brand new listing (within 5 days), a 10% discount will be applied.

Our current specials…

Can I use my own already-created flyer?

Yes, you can upload a flyer image if it's designed to be readable on smartphones. (No tiny text, 'print' flyers that are hard to read are terrible for mobile users). Create your flyer, and import your MLS info the usual way, then click the Pictures button and upload your own 1-page PDF or other image from your computer. However, our built-in template works better because it is mobile optimized as described above on this page. see PDF requirements

Can I PICK THE TIME to email my flyer?

If you have a preference for the time your flyer is emailed simply mention that on your order form. (There's a place on the order form for any special instructions.)

Normally, you pick the date you want it to go out, and we will carefully schedule between 8am to 4:00pm for best results. After we review and approve your flyer we email a schedule confirmation to you so you'll know precisely when it is going to be emailed.

Learn about how we space same-area blasts…

HOW OFTEN should I re-send my flyer?

As a general rule, when you have "new news" to announce… price change, back on market, an event, etc.

Do you send flyers for training classes offering CE credits?

Absolutely! In fact they get a 35% discount because MondoFlyers knows ongoing professional education classes are useful news for busy agents. See our specials page for the promo code.

Our Acceptable Use Guidelines

We primarily email flyers for MLS-listed for-sale residential homes, on behalf of the listing agent, where the listing has 'new news' to announce. (For example: recent listings, a recent price change, an open house.) The listing's total time on the market should be less than 12 months old. If you have a different type of flyer you wish to have us email, please email support at our email address at the bottom of this page to inquire.

We cannot guarantee to find all such issues, but we do strive to correct apparent typos, misspellings, content problems, or formatting problems. In fact that is a huge emphasis in our support staff training. But the flyer author (usually the listing agent or their assistant) is solely responsible for flyer content.

We reserve the right to decline to publish or email any flyer which we deem unsuitable, and to decline service to any sender or user whom we deem unsuitable.

For additional terms and conditions, privacy policy, and legal notices pertaining to our service, refer to those webpage links at the bottom of this page.

Questions? email: Help@Mondoflyers.com (7am to 11pm PST, 7 days a week) ⋄ Call or TEXT: 650.681.2200

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