The only real estate eflyer that is mobile responsive (just like Fortune 500 marketing emails)

Side-by-side smartphones show competitor eflyer text too small to read easily while Mondoflyers remain readable on any size screen.

Text-size readability comparison of a March 2022 ZipYourFlyer eflyer (left) vs. a Mondoflyer (right), when viewed on iPhone Mail screenshots. Not too surprisingly, ZipYourFlyer declined to permit us to show you a portion of their actual flyer, so we are displaying different words at the same size.

A Mondoflyers modern & true "responsive" email scrolls the text instead of shrinks the text, so it keeps your text easily readable.

So do we.

Mondoflyers' clean, classic, FULLY mobile responsive eflyer emails are always easy for busy agents to read on smartphones without any pinch/zoom/pan, even when there is a lot of text.

See more in this 1-minute video:


Other vendors may call their older immobile-layout email templates mobile "friendly". But if your marketing text cannot be easily read without pinch/zoom/pan acrobatics perhaps your client deserves… better.

Here is what "truly mobile" realty eflyers look like

Mondoflyers eflyers have multiple columns when viewed on a desktop or laptop

Desktops & laptops show multiple columns

Mondoflyers eflyers change to a single column layout when viewed on a tablet or smartphone

Smartphones & Tablets are single scrollable column to keep text readable

A Mondoflyers eflyer is even readable on a smartwatch

Just FYI, yes, even a Watch. We doubt anyone uses a watch for email, but…

Scrolling is simpler.

Do busy smartphone users even bother pinching & zooming & panning left/right to read tiny text on shrink-to-fit flyers?

Perhaps ease of reading is why we can report actual email opens when some other vendors won't.

Actual size typical Smartphone rendering.

2 more pretty good reasons YOUR client deserves your real estate email flyer blasts to be mobile "responsive"

  • First, in 2022 about 50% of agents use a smartphone or tablet to read their email. So you want to send emails that are always readable without pinch/zoom/pan acrobatics.
  • Second, mobile responsive emails have long been proven to enjoy higher click rates. See below.

According to the preeminent email marketing pros at

"Responsive design also resulted in an increase in total clicks across desktop, tablet, and mobile." Statistics from Litmus and MailChimp “The Science of Email Clicks:The Impact of Responsive Design & Inbox Testing” (December 2014)

"80% of people delete an email if it doesn't look good on their mobile device" source:,

Your clients need results. Don't limit your email marketing results with other vendors' antiquated, non-responsive templates just because they haven't yet upgraded their technology.

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