Engage & Impress your client even MORE with the built-in Comment Card

Use our Comment Card feature to AUTOMATICALLY collect
comments, suggestions, and approvals from your seller and/or broker!
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Eflyer services built on older technology don't have this feature, which makes collecting feedback like herding… you know

This feature will impress your clients

It's entirely optional, but we find that agents who engage their seller before the flyer goes out, by asking their opinion, make an even a bigger impact than simply showing them the flyer after it goes out.

Your MondoFlyers dashboard has a very cool built-in pre-publication comment card feature.

It lets people preview your flyer and make comments. All the comments get emailed to you AND get collected on one screen for easy reference.

Simply click the "Comment" button on your flyer control panel to invite your client, broker, co-listing agent, etc., to review it and make suggestions that you can view while editing your flyer!