About Us

Founded by an experienced silicon valley team.
Family owned and operated.

MondoFlyers is a family owned and operated marketing service just for real estate agents. Our corporate parent, Loyalmobs, Inc., is founded and owned by two senior silicon valley cofounders Parker and Dave.

Having previously taken several tech companies public in silicon valley after being classmates at Stanford some 40 years ago, Parker and Dave use their decades of successful technical and management experience to create several types of services for various markets. Parker oversees MondoFlyers' day-to-day marketing and technical operations.

Parker (Cofounder)

Hannah (Manager)

Jem (Manager)

Family members Hannah and Jem actively manage our geographically distributed team of customer service staff.

As part of our commitment to superior customer service, one or more manager is "on call" 7am to 11pm PST, 7 days a week to support our customers after hours.

No other agent-to-agent email service offers busy real estate agents this level of technical expertise AND commitment to customer support, even outside so-called "business hours".

Our exceptional support team are selected from among hundreds candidates for their friendliness, communication, attention to detail, and editorial skills (such as spotting typos or inconsistencies and suggesting improvements that give your flyer great results). Our core customer support team includes Cristina, Jeff, and Cris. Cristina has been with us since 2018, Cris since 2020, and Jeff since 2021.