15 ways our better eflyer technology gets you faster & better results

Great marketing tool, easy to use and effective! Creating a flyer is fast with the automatic listing importer. And my average open rate is 14.2% which is high for agent-to-agent email flyers. Agents dont just work 9-5 so the extended support hours are nice (like the time I needed a last-minute change at 8:30pm and a support staffer was on it within minutes).
— Laura P., Kirkland, WA

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Reason 1 ~ our Instant Flyer Builder imports your MLS info in seconds.

Watch a 2-minute make-a-flyer video

Our patent-pending eflyer technology developed in silicon valley by Stanford grads with multiple prior IPOs AUTOMATICALLY imports your MLS listing photos and description, adds a map, allows a poll question, builds a virtual tour (or use your own), and creates an attractive, clean, classic, FULLY MOBILE flyer for email, web, social media, and PDF. We can blast your eflyer out to thousands of agents in the time it takes to read this sentence… then send you a detailed delivery report and client report.

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It happened again… last week, an agent opened my MondoFlyer for my listing, sent their client to my open, and we got an accepted offer. Your flyers really do get agents' attention!
— Sue L., REALTOR®, Pennsylvania

Reason 2 ~ The best Metrics in the real estate email flyer industry

When you pay for marketing you pay for metrics and results.

Yet most eflyer services decline to report delivery results, which seems a little more like gambling than marketing.

With MondoFlyers, 4 hours after your flyer is emailed we send you a report showing how many unique recipients viewed your flyer via email and web, and a link to view up-to-date results any time.

And see our industry-leading open rate guarantee!


MondoFlyers lets me fire off a new flyer in seconds, their customer service is outstanding, and I appreciate the fact that they send me a detailed delivery report that lets me measure the effectiveness of different headlines and flyers.
— Steve J., REALTOR®, Washington

When you pay for email marketing, insist upon metrics!

Sample MondoFlyers Eflyer Delivery Report
For example, this MondoFlyer emailed to 18,400 agents got a 16.8% open rate

Reason 3 ~ A Client Report that helps RETAIN & WIN clients

Sample MondoFlyers Client Report

a 16.8% open rate! ~ flyer emailed to 18,400 agents

Sample MondoFlyers Client Report

a 17.3% open rate! ~ flyer emailed to 11,800 agents

Sample MondoFlyers Client Report

a 20.5% open rate! ~ flyer emailed to 5,800 agents

Client Retention

At no extra cost, you also get to show your client a measurable example of how you are actively marketing their property!

Your email eflyer order includes a special client link you can, if you wish, forward to your client so they see the flyer… and the results.

Winning New Clients

We frequently hear from agents that showing prospective clients prior Client Reports is an excellent tool for securing new listings, because it gives you something concrete and measurable to show prospects that other agents don't have.


I just now received a new listing for a substantial property specifically because my prospect was so impressed with my MondoFlyer Delivery Report for another property. — Larry L., REALTOR®, Washington

Learn more about reports…

Reasons 4 thru 15 ~ It's chock full of “sell-faster” e-flyer features

Other services MondoFlyers
Recipents can request an unbranded version of your flyer? more
(Significantly increases agents' willingness to forward your flyer to their clients.)
Automatically composes a FREE trackable virtual tour (or links to your own tour)? more
(no purchase required)
Automatically composes a FREE printable 1-page PDF w/ trackable QR code?
(no purchase required)
Automatically creates FREE trackable QR Codes for mobile web eflyer? more
(no purchase required)
Automatically composes a FREE trackable Social media friendly web eflyer? more
(no purchase required) see Facebook demo here
Gives you a detailed email flyer delivery report?
See which agents viewed your flyer!
Recipients can simply 'reply' right back to YOU?
For established recipents, our system automatically uses your email address as the 'reply-to' email address so they can 'reply' directly to you.
Clickable link to your email?
Clickable link to your website?
Clickable link to your own virtual tour, or one we create automatically?
Adds a map for you?
Help agents find your open house!
Supports a poll question? more
Such as "Will you attend this open house?"

Plus… Our “Flyer Nerds” are at your beck and call
7am to 11pm PST, 7 days a week

When you want your real estate email flyer to be just right, you want a “flyer nerd” to make sure it all goes smoothly.

That's what we do.

So make our day… email us or call us!

Questions? email: Help@Mondoflyers.com (7am to 11pm PST, 7 days a week) ⋄ Call or TEXT: 650.681.2200

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