Every MondoFlyer comes with 8 trackable QR codes

real estate yard sign displaying a QR code
1. Simply print one of your QR codes on a sign, handout, or advertisement…
2. Someone points their smartphone camera at your QR code…
3. Presto! Their phone displays your MondoFlyer!

What's a QR code? A QR code is a square image that is a "shortcut" to a webpage. If you point a modern smartphone at a QR code, your phone will open that webpage without you having to type in the web address. That's why QR codes are so popular in marketing… they let people effortlessly visit a webpage without typing a URL.

How to use your MondoFlyer QR codes

Each of the 8 QR codes that come with your MondoFlyer's Marketing Toolkit is a shortcut to the online version of your real estate email flyer, with a unique tracking code that is tallied on your delivery report.

So if you place a different QR code on 3 different signs or ads, your delivery report shows you how many "views" your flyer got from each of those QR codes. So your QR codes are a great way to track the relative effectiveness of different media you use to promote your listing.

a sample QR code shortcut to a sample MondoFlyer

Quick demo: If you point your smartphone camera at this QR code it will offer to display our online sample MondoFlyers (for the Hearst Castle) – without having to type the web address! (Assuming your phone has the QR code feature enabled.)

By the way, the branded and unbranded versions of the PDF in your MondoFlyer's Marketing Toolkit also include a QR code for your flyer.

So someone looking at your printed handout can view your MondoFlyer online simply by pointing their smartphone camera at the QR code.