We thoughtfully schedule each eFlyer blast for optimal results

Screenshot showing email inbox with 3 competitor eflyers sent within 11 minutes
We never do this… We call this “wearing out the welcome mat”. Actual email inbox screenshot of competitor ZipYourFlyer sending 3 agents' flyers back-to-back to same recipient within 11 minutes (Jan 2022).

Have you ever noticed in your email inbox that most eflyer vendors send their blasts willy-nilly, sometimes just minutes after each other to the same recipients?

We consider that a terrible practice… same-area flyers sent too close together can stomp all over each others' open rates.

Lots of open doors

Instead of just dumping your real estate email flyer into an automated queue with a bunch of other flyers, and letting some computer decide when to send it, we manually schedule every blast.

It's surprisingly complex, but in a nutshell here is our process that gives your flyer blast the best results:

  1. Identify overlapping blasts. We review the schedule for every other eflyer blast whose area overlaps with your order.
  2. Space them out. We time your blast to allow at least 30 minutes between other blasts (or an hour apart if the schedule allows that much time).
  3. Send event announcements sooner. We prioritize flyers announcing a same-day event, sending them earlier.
  4. But TOO early is not better. If there is not a same-day event, we avoid sending a blast before 9am. (Why? Because you get better results if your flyer reaches agents' inboxes after they have cleaned out all the overnight spam that came in.)

Yes, manual scheduling is a bit more work for us, and requires a bit of extra training for our staff… but we think your client is worth thoughtfully timing your blast for best results!

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