More engagement with recipients — collect feedback w/ a built-in Poll Question!

Example of a eflyer poll question
Use your eflyer to collect RSVPs!
Example of a eflyer poll question
Or spotlight key selling points of your listing

No other realty eflyer offers a built-in poll question feature.

On MondoFlyers, your poll question is prominently displayed in the upper-right corner of your email flyer, so even if you do not have a question per-se, it's a superb way to spotlight 2 or 3 key selling points of your listing.

And the total responses are included on your delivery report.

Two good uses for a Poll Question (and one bad)

  1. Gentle event reminder. Hint: Asking "might you attend" works much better than "will you attend" for the simple reason that busy agents dislike feeling forced into a committment.
  2. Highlight 2 or 3 key features. The poll is one of the first things agents will notice, so it's a superb place for an "elevator pitch" that mentions the 2 or 3 best benefits of the home. "Do you have a buyer looking for X, Y, and Z?" is a winner, where "X, Y, and Z" might be "a 4 car garage, a pool, and proximity to the Lake".

Don't ask the "obvious". Asking "Do you have a buyer for this home?" will get little if any response. Ask about specific features, instead, to get them thinking about those benefits.