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Our lists are so much larger in part because Mondoflyers adheres to email best-practices — such as never emailing property flyers to out of state agents, and using detailed email subject lines. These practices build trust so recipients continue receiving our quality flyers.

We encourage you to compare our list size in your area vs. any other vendor, by comparing each vendor's price lists!

The predictable result of sketchy emailing practices like emailing out-of-state

An email list can quickly "burn-out" when companies email listings to out-of-state agents, or send email subject lines that omit listing specifics. (Competitors including ZipYourFlyer allow both.)

Our exceptionally well-trained staff review your flyer for common problems to help ensure you get the best possible open rate.

Remember: Bigger List = More Guaranteed Opens.

At least one other vendor – with smaller lists – claims "bigger lists isn’t always better." Well, when their open rate guarantee is the same 10% as ours, our bigger list has more guaranteed opens. Math.

Lists updated daily by our in-house researchers. Of course.

Mondoflyers staffers make daily updates to our lists to keep them up-to-date, including (among other things) reviewing every single automated reply indicating a recipient has moved or is no longer a practicing agent. It frankly seems odd to us that one competitor, ZipYourFlyer, rather boldly claims it's the "only email flyer company with an in-house research team to keep our email lists up-to-date daily". Decide for yourself whether or not their claim is unsubstantiated marketing puffery – we think our higher guaranteed number of opens in most markets speaks volumes about list quality.

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