Smarter eflyer layouts are more effective for your client

Agents say "Consistent, Clean, and Mobile"
when asked what they prefer to receive in their inboxes

Each of these 8 Classic themes include 15 layouts

(5 photo arrangements, plus TRULY mobile layouts for desktop, tablet, phone)

By the way, since 2016 we've also offered customized templates to brokerages. See samples

The Casablanca theme
sample of the Casablanca themed MondoFlyers template
The Toulouse theme
sample of the Toulouse themed MondoFlyers template
The Bimini theme
sample of the Bimini themed MondoFlyers template
The Istanbul theme
sample of the Istanbul themed MondoFlyers template
The Santa Fe theme
sample of the Santa Fe themed MondoFlyers template
The Majorca theme
sample of the Majorca themed MondoFlyers template
The Giverny theme
sample of the Giverny themed MondoFlyers template
The Xanadu theme
sample of the Xanadu themed MondoFlyers template

You simply pick your color theme and photo arrangement.
Our smart templates handle the details.

(If you want to do the math, we currently offer 120 different "classic" layouts, and another 180 "branded" layouts.)


Agents don't like to receive a hodge-podge of different layouts where they waste time hunting for the MLS# and price in a different place on every eflyer.

Agents do want the price and address right at the top, and the MLS# and beds & baths in the same place on every flyer.


Agents are not impressed with flowery or swirly backgrounds. To them it's just visual noise.

Agents are appreciative when the eflyer in their inbox can be quickly and easily scanned for relevant information with an absolute minimum of visual distractions.


Unlike immobile-layout competitors, our true mobile responsive realty eflyers can always be easily read on any size screen.

Side-by-side smartphones show competitor eflyer text too small to read easily while MondoFlyers remain readable on any size screen.

Text-size readability comparison: mobile view of a MondoFlyer eflyer (left) vs. competitor ZipYourFlyer eflyer (right). Lower-left portion of March 2022 screenshots of two iPhone emails. You can view the ACTUAL SIZE 3000x3000 pixels image here. Each email screenshot is from the Apple Mail app on an iPhone 6S Plus, 1242×2208 pixels. We have intentionally blurred identifying listing details, showing only 15 non-identifying words (circled) for text-size readability comparison purposes. For easier reference, screenshots are superimposed on images of an iPhone.

A MondoFlyers modern & true "responsive" email scrolls the text instead of shrinks the text, so it keeps your text easily readable.

Other vendors simply "turn loose" their graphic designers to create lots of pretty page-style (immobile-layout) templates.

We started with polls & focus groups ASKING busy real estate agents what they actually WELCOME into their inbox. Try us and see the difference in effectiveness for yourself!

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