An Exceptional Referral Program

For EACH agent who redeems your referral code and sends their own MondoFlyers eflyer blast:

  • THEY get a 35% discount on that order.
  • YOUR account gets another 35% discount voucher you can use on an order.
  • An UNLIMITED number of agents can use your referral code, so you can accrue an unlimited number of vouchers, but an agent can only redeem one referral code, one time, and cross-referrals are not allowed. (So if John Doe has already redeemed someone else's referral code he won't be able to redeem yours. And if Jane Smith redeemed your referral code, you cannot in turn use her referral code.)

Full terms and conditions are sent to you with your voucher. A voucher is a one-time, one-use discount. Your Referral Code permits you to accrue multiple vouchers as explained above. A referral voucher must be redeemed before the voucher expires in 2 years. A referral voucher is redeemed when it has been applied to a fullfilled order. The referral voucher will save you 35% on one email blast at MondoFlyers. All orders are subject to our normal approval and editorial guidelines. Vouchers are not transferable, have no cash value, have no residual value for any unused portion, and may not be combined with any other discount offer or voucher. Program terms subject to change.