How to choose the most Effective Geographical Targeting for your email flyer blast

Map showing zipcodes highlighted in Dallas Texas area

A map is worth a thousand words. Our order form and price list always show you a MAP highlighting (in blue) the specific zip codes targeted. (This is a "bull's eye" order in Dallas, for an area 15 miles around zip code 75234.)

Superior area targeting – for more cost-effective email flyer campaigns

Instead of confining e-blasts to predefined regions (as do other vendors), you can select agents two ways:

  • Custom "Bull's Eye" targeting. No other vendor offers our map-based zipcode targeting that FOCUSES your marketing dollars for maximum ROI. For example, choose a 5 mile circle around your listing to promote a broker open to the nearest agents more likely to attend. Or choose a 50-mile circle for a resort or rural property.
  • Choose Counties. You can pick one or more entire counties if you prefer. A good example for that is when you have a "resort-type" listing that might appeal to buyers in several different counties.

Two unique list targeting features for your bag of tricks

Our Nth select option lets you save money by sending to a 25% or 50% fraction of our list in an area. For example, suppose you're interested in a larger area (such as the whole San Francisco Bay area), but don't yet want to pay for the entire area until you can test the waters. You can choose a "random 25%" or a "random 50%" of our list for that prorated cost. That's especially useful since our agent lists are so darned large.

Later, you can re-send to the rest of the list if and when you want to, without overlap between blasts. The nice thing is, the Nth selected list is still evenly distributed through the area. (It's also great for doing an A/B test if you want to test a couple of different promotions.)

You see your selected target areas on a MAP. Whatever targeting method you choose, the geographical area(s) you are considering are displayed on a map. So you don't have to guess where you're targeting. (For example you don't have to decipher "Includes North of I-90 through Snohomish County and Island County" which is how another vendor – who doesn't map their selections – describes one of their targeting selection.) It's like that thing people say about pictures and a thousand words.

See the Nth select choices and the mapping on our interactive price lists:

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