Which actually matters:
"Inbox Placement Rate" (IBPR) vs. Open Rate?

1 No real estate eflyer has better Inbox Placement than MondoFlyers

We measure IBPR regularly as one of our many ongoing "quality control" checks. It varies a bit week-to-week, but ours is above 90% (like pretty much everyone else)… and often comfortably in the 95% range.

But IBPR just isn't that important (see #2). Probably most email services are in the same range.

2 BUT that "big" Inbox Placement Rate number is NOT as important as it looks

So some competitors like to pretend IBPR is important, because to the uninitiated it "looks big".

However, a service's IBPR says literally nothing about how many times your eflyer blast will be opened/viewed. And eyeballs-on-your-flyer is what actually matters, right?

That's why you need an "email open rate" report to know how your email flyer blast performed… see #3 below.

3 "Email Open Rate" (not IBPR) is THE gold standard email marketing metric

Since (as discussed above) the Inbox Placement Rate gives literally zero information about how many times your email blast was opened, you should expect your vendor to provide a report showing you the actual, measured number of times your email blast was opened… no calculations padding the total… no obfuscation with non-email numbers added to the actual email number.

Therefore, don't be beguiled by eflyer vendors who tout their Inbox Placement Rate yet they decline to report actual email opens.

When you invest your hard-earned marketing dollars, INSIST upon itemized delivery reporting (like this) showing your actual, measured number of email opens.

4 A stellar "Emailer Reputation" is one key to a strong Inbox Placement Rate

You don't want to hitch your marketing wagon to a "blacklisted" email service. So we suggest you periodically verify that your email service has not been added to major email reputation blacklists, for example at:

check any mailer's reputation at Spamhaus

check any mailer's reputation at Barracuda

Some email platforms such as Gmail offer Postmaster tools that give volume emailers a way to monitor their own domain reputation and IP reputation.

As you can see, Gmail gives MondoFlyers its highest ranking for both domain and IP reputation:

Screenshot showing MondoFlyers Mailer DOMAIN reputation at Gmail is High Screenshot showing MondoFlyers Mailer IP reputation at Gmail is High

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