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You probably noticed most services don't even provide proof of delivery, much less a guarantee! As far as we know we're the only eflyer service in the world that routinely gets over 10% open rates and guarantees it.

10% Open Rate Guarantee: We'll give a pro-rated refund upon request if your open rate by different agents on your real-time delivery report does not reach 10% by the end of the next business day — use the detailed delivery report link we email you after your flyer goes out — a flyer email is counted as 'opened' if the email's images are loaded. Refund requests must be made within 30 days of the date the flyer was emailed. Exclusions: Please note this guarantee applies only to the first email flyer for an MLS-listed for-sale property that is emailed to agents within 15 miles of the property, with cumulative time on the market of 7 days or less. Reasons: Non-MLS flyers, or repeated flyers, or listings on the marlket long enough that many agents have already seen it, or flyers sent to agents further than 15 miles from the property may be of interest to fewer recipients.

We primarily email flyers for MLS-listed for-sale residential homes, on behalf of the listing agent, where the listing has material 'new' info to announce. (For example: listings that have been on the market less than a month, or have had a price change in the past few days, or for which the listing agent is hosting a weekday broker open.) The listing's total time on the market must be less than 6 months old.

We reserve the right to edit a flyer to correct any apparent typos, misspellings, content problems, or formatting problems, although we are not obligated to do so. The flyer author (usually the listing agent or their assistant) is solely responsible for flyer content.

We reserve the right to decline to publish or email any flyer which we deem unsuitable, and to decline service to any sender or user whom we deem unsuitable. If you have a different type of flyer you wish to have us email, please email support at our email address at the bottom of this page.

For additional terms and conditions, privacy policy, and legal notices pertaining to our service, refer to those webpage links at the bottom of this page.

Correct. It's a la carte... you pay only when you have us email a flyer for you. If you want a quick estimate of what your flyer will cost, visit the pricing estimator on our pricing page.

If you submit a same-day order marked special delivery, the system sends an alert to an on-call staffer and we're often able to process your order within 30 - 60 minutes as long as there is time before our curfew. The $9.00 'special delivery' fee applies for same-day flyers.

We email flyers Mon-Sat between 8 am and 2:30 pm. (We have an email curfew before 8 am and after 2:30 pm.) Normally, agents create and order their flyer a day or two ahead of time, and the flyers are automatically scheduled to go out on the desired date sometime between 9am to 1:30pm.

There are several ways to show your SELLER: click here

And there are a couple of ways to share your Mondoflyer with your own list: click here

Sure! Mondoflyers has a very cool built-in comment card feature that lets people view your flyer, make comments, and their comments get emailed to you. Simply click the Comment button on your flyer control panel for a special link you can email to your client, broker, co-listing agent, etc.

If you send a flyer within 3 days of it being offered, a 10% discount will be applied.

Conversely, if your listing is getting long in the tooth (2 to 6 months on the market), the pricing for your flyer might be higher than normal, depending upon what if any 'new news' you are announcing. We cannot mass-email agents re: properties more than 6 months on the market.

For more information about how flyer pricing is related to listing age and news, click here

Generally it does not matter unless it's a flyer for a same-day event (in which case the sooner the better).

The total overall open rate you will see within 24 hours is comparable regardless of the day (including Saturday) or time.

Yes, unlike most eflyer systems, the email and web versions of your Mondoflyer are automatically optimized for whatever device they are viewed on... smartphones, tablets, and full-size computers each see their own carefully-tailored version of your flyer.

Yes, if you use our deluxe template upgrade ($5.00, which also support 6 photos, 30 virtual tour photos, and attention-getting banners) you can add a second agent's contact info to your flyer. For an example see this demo flyer

If you have a multi-home weekday broker's open, for example a "Progressive Broker's Open", you can use our deluxe template upgrade ($5.00) to create a flyer for up to 6 listings.

Your headline is also your email subject line, so it is critical for getting the best results. We therefore require specific, detailed headlines: see Guidelines

Yes, but only if it's designed to be readable on smartphones (no tiny text, for example 'print' flyers are not suitable to email). Create your Mondoflyer, and import your MLS info the usual way to populate the required fields, then click the Pictures button and upload your own 1-page PDF or other image from your computer. However, our built-in template works better because it is mobile optimized as described lower down on this page. see PDF requirements

Normally delivery: you pick the date you want it to go out, and the system will automatically schedule it to go out sometime between 9am to 1:30pm. After we review and approve your flyer we email a schedule confirmation to you so you'll know precisely when it is going to be emailed.

Special delivery: if you have a same-day requirement, or your flyer needs to be emailed outside our normal timeframe of 9am to 1:30pm you can choose special delivery handling ($9.00 fee).

Agent-to-agent email is not one of the marketing media where "repetition is a good thing." Quite the opposite in fact. Busy agents who already get a lot of email tend to get irritated if they see the same property showing up in their inbox too soon or too often.

With the exception of weekday Broker's Open event flyers (which are always permitted), we would wait at least 3 weeks before re-sending a flyer for the same property, and we generally limit it to a maximum of three times total.

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