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Thanks for your keen eye when you reviewed my order and proactively let me know the open house time shown in the MLS was out of date (so I could update my listing before the event)! Your service goes above and beyond!
– Kim Davis, (Portland OR) August '20

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Here's a couple of tongue-in-cheek examples that illustrate what our flyers and unique features look like.

Sample #1: A “Modest Hilltop Manor” (Hearst Castle)

This flyer demonstrates our new MondoClips™ agent-recorded "what I love about it" Video, the Automatic Tour, the Poll Question, & the Co-listing agent features.

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Sample #2: “Nice executive rental w/ 200-year rental history” (White House)

This flyer is a basic single-agent flyer without a lot of bells and whistles, just our Automatic Photo Gallery feature.

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MondoFlyers How-to Videos

Start here: How to Make a MondoFlyers E-flyer
video duration: 2 minutes

Watch a MondoFlyers e-flyer be created automatically, from scratch. Okay, even if the Hearst Castle isn't actually for sale, this 2-minute demo will show you the ropes!

How to post your MondoFlyers Email Flyer to Facebook in seconds
video duration: 1 minute

Facebook e-flyers are always free for listing agents!
Here's how to post your e-flyer to Facebook!

How to import / choose photos for your Eflyer
video duration: 1 minute

This 1 minute video shows how to choose which photos go onto your e-flyer, and which ones go onto your instant virtual tour or photo gallery.

How to import listing info from an existing webpage
video duration: 2.5 minutes

This 2.5 minute video shows how to import your listing info into your MondoFlyers right from an existing webpage.

How to use the built-in Photo Crop feature
video duration: 1 minute

Want to crop a photo to remove a border, excess pavement, or neighboring structure? This 1 minute video shows how!