How to make an effective real estate email flyer

Most agents take less than 15 minutes to create their first MondoFlyer, and 5 minutes on subsequent flyers, thanks to our simple Instant Flyer Builder which guides you step by step.

Some of the unique features of our patent-pending website let you:

  • 24x7 Automatically upload your listing's description and photos right from the MLS number. (No need to dig around on your hard drive.)
  • "Drag and drop" whichever photos you want to use, and change them instantly. (No need to email anyone "please replace the garden photo with the pool photo" and wait for the change.)
  • Add "Open House", "New Price", or other banners with a single mouse click.
  • Choose from multiple photos layouts, again with just a mouse click.
  • Preview your flyer on the fly as you go.
  • Click a mouse to send a proof/review/approval copy to your client or your broker, using the built-in comment card feature.

Watch this e-flyer be created automatically, from scratch. Okay, even if the Hearst Castle isn't actually for sale, this 2-minute demo will show you the ropes!

How to make a real estate email flyer (2 minute video)

Watch how incredibly easy it is to automatically build a flyer (and virtual tour) right from your MLS number!
(elapsed time was 4 minutes; playback is sped up for the demo)