PDF requirements for Real Estate Email Flyers

Is your PDF "smartphone-friendly"?

Our flyer template is mobile-optimized to look great on anything from a tiny smartphone screen to a desktop display. For example, our template automatically reformats the layout and text to adapt to smaller screens, so recipients don't have to "zoom & pan" to read the text.

When you upload a PDF, the layout is "fixed" and cannot adjust itself to smaller screens. Therefore, your PDF needs to have been designed with mobile recipients in mind, or we will have to ask you to re-create the flyer using our (mobile-optimized) template instead.

An Example This is a mobile-friendly PDF, with a collection of photos arranged in a "fancier layout" than our standard template, with a couple of (large) callouts.

Notice how, even at this reduced size, it would be viewable and readable on a smart phone screen?

In this example, this PDF would supply the images for the flyer, but the text on the flyer would come from the normal MLS Importing process, allowing the final flyer to be nicely mobile-optimized.

Photos courtesy the Wikimedia Commons.