How to send a copy of your flyer to your own list

(We have different suggestions for sharing your flyer with your seller.)

The BEST way is to download either the printable PDF or the full-color JPG image we provide, and email* a copy to your list. The PDF or JPG is not quite as fancy as the email version, but it emails and prints nicely and it always looks the same on everyone's computer.

How: Open your schedule confirmation email and scroll down to the Power Marketing Toolkit link and click it. Follow the instructions to download your PDF or JPG. Send your client an email with the PDF or JPG attached.

You can also request an email copy of your flyer, using the "email a sample now" link in the schedule confirmation email, then forward* that to your list (see the important CAN-SPAM note below). However, be aware that most email software does a very poor job of forwarding a nicely formatted email... a lot of times the fonts or colors or spacing will get messed up.

How: Open your schedule confirmation email. Click the link to request a sample copy via email. It should be emailed to you within a minute or two. Forward it to your client.

We do NOT suggest forwarding a copy of your 'live' flyer that we email to you when the flyer goes out. If you email YOUR copy to someone else, and they click the unsubscribe link it will unsubscribe YOU and prevent YOU from sending another flyer.

* Pay attention to CAN-SPAM requirements, etc. When you email a copy of your flyer to clients, remember that email is from you, so you are responsible for complying with any rules regarding commercial email, such as for example providing a suitable method for them to opt out from future emails from you.