MondoFlyers eflyers vs. ZipYourFlyer

10 important reasons to “un-zip” your real estate email marketing, with MondoFlyers

In a hurry? Here's the pitch: In 2021 why rely on the same ancient (before smartphones) “shrink-to-fit” template technology, smaller agent lists, and no evening/weekend support, when you can now send modern “mobile responsive” emails, to often much larger lists, backed by awesome open rate reporting? (click here to see a 1-minute demo of “mobile responsive”)

Why not "un-zip" your email marketing and try a fresh approach?
I like your flyers and process better than ZipYourFlyer. I will be using you as my new vendor now.
– Chuck Paetz, Principal Broker (Nashville, TN)
Having used both ZipYourFlyer and Mondoflyers multiple times, I have definitely gotten more calls & better results from sending Mondoflyers. In contrast to ZipYourFlyer's relatively bare-bones offering, I am continually impressed with the Mondoflyers website ease of use, responsiveness, and thoughtful attention to the details that create more effective email blasts (such as smartphone templates, forwardable unbranded versions, QR codes, Poll questions, and a client report that has delighted sellers AND helped me gain new clients).
  – Larry Lapidus, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson (WA)

When listing agents just want a “vanity flyer” so they can say they sent one, frankly, any old service will do.

But when you want to FIND a buyer, you need a BIGGER agent list. And a REAL “email” eflyer.

So let's compare MondoFlyers with the service that claims to be "the eflyer leader"...

The statements herein are the opinion of Loyalmobs, Inc. and are believed to be current and accurate as of March 1, 2018. If you spot an inaccuracy, please let us know.

The 30 second overview: Your client wants New Tricks, not Old Dogs
See panels 1-10 below for details

Searching for a buyer? We've got newer "sell-faster" tricks than the industry's old dogs
  1. Way Bigger Lists. TWICE AS MANY AGENTS in many areas including NYC, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, San Diego. So your client's listing gets way more exposure with MondoFlyers.
  2. Better Software. Our website incorporates newer technology (much of which our Stanford-grad founders invented) to make you a vastly more effective made-for-email flyer, right from your MLS number, in seconds.
  3. Superior Service. In YOUR business time is of the essence, so OUR support staff are "on call" for you nights & weekends & holidays. Twice as many hours as ZipYourFlyer.
One of the things we love about Mondoflyers is your thoughtful 7-days-per-week support hours that lets me make last-minute updates to my email blast even on weekends! For example, on Saturday our client decided on a (literally) last-minute price change right before our blast went out, yet we were able to "stop the presses" and update our flyer to feature the reduction! (We certainly did not get THAT level of service with your M-F-only competitors.)
– April & Quentin Sharp, Owners, Sharp Homes by the Sea, Huntington Beach, CA (Sept '20)

Another example: While ZipYourFlyer was closed for the entire 3-day President's Day weekend in February 2018, we were accepting and sending new flyers for agents like Peter in Reno.

Peter started a "price reduced" flyer at 11:05am Saturday. He selected 2,300 agents - twice as many as ZipYourFlyer offers in his area. His flyer was delivered by noon, less than 1 hour after he started. And yes, his open rate was over 10%, even on a Saturday flyer.

It requires better technology, service, & lists to make that happen.

ZipYourFlyer still emails fixed-layout "print" flyers like folks used to send 10 years ago. And supports their customers half as many hours/week as we do.

And their flyer creation process still does not incorporate modern technology such as a drag-and-drop editor to do something as simple as rearrange photos. (You have to send them a note and wait for them to move two pictures for you).

Once emailed, ZipYourFlyer eflyers still lack these mobile/engagement features that ALL MondoFlyers flyers offer:

  • Shows "zip" (i.e., zero) listing details as Google-searchable text. On their flyer's web / Facebook pages, your listing info is not presented in search-engine friendly text.
  • Offers "zip" (i.e., no) smartphone (mobile-responsive) email templates that adapt the layout & font sizes to fit different size screens...
  • Has "zip" (i.e., zilch) forwardable unbranded version to encourage agents to share your flyer with their clients.
  • Sends "zip" (i.e., nada) weekend or holiday same-day-order email blasts (they're closed)...
  • Creates "zip" (i.e., no) virtual tour for you if you don't yet have a tour...
  • Supports "zip" (i.e., no) QR codes automatically-generated & added to print versions to make it easy for people to view your eflyer online...
  • Has "zip" (i.e., no) Poll question feature...
  • Has "zip" (i.e., no) collaboration/approval "comment card" feature...
  • Adds "zip" (i.e., no) map to show where your listing is located...
  • Offers "zip" (i.e., no) client version showing how many agents your flyer was sent to and what it looks like.
  • Tracks "zip" (i.e., no) custom tracking codes that let you post your eflyer multiple places and measure which sites generate traffic.

But, for what it's worth, since they are "print" flyers, their flyers do look great when printed (if anyone prints eflyers).

#1. MondoFlyers SHOWS Google & Bing search engines
your listing info as searchable text. (ZipYourFlyer doesn't)

MLS#, price, beds & baths,
Open houses,
and descriptive paragraphs.

Listing details MondoFlyers web flyers contain as searchable text.

The whole point of an eflyer is to "spread the word" about your listing, so naturally we help Google find and see your listing details.

(i.e., none)

Listing details ZipYourFlyer web flyers contain as searchable text.

ZipYourFlyer embeds your listing's description, MLS#, price, etc. inside an image file, not as searchable/indexable text.

Lacking searchable text also means your recipients cannot search their email to find your flyer later using words or phrases in your listing description (such as "condo" and "park" and "open house").

You can see for yourself by using an SEO tool that when search engines follow your MondoFlyers link (such as you post on Facebook or Pinterest) ALL your listing info (price, beds, description, etc.) is "seen".

But not your ZipYourFlyer link, which does not make that info available as searchable text.

For example, visit and copy/paste the URL for any MondoFlyers flyer such as this demo flyer and notice that the full listing details are "seen". Then do the same for ANY ZipYourFlyer flyer and notice that literally NO listing info is "seen" (because all the listing info is embedded inside an image file).

#2. You get more exposure — our agent lists are often far bigger*

Check YOUR county and compare for yourself!

Our lists are in such good shape in part because MondoFlyers adheres to email best-practices, such as never emailing to out of state agents, and using detailed email subject lines. That builds trust so recipients are comfortable receiving our flyers.

* Compare for yourself... compare our list size for whatever area you are in. For example: Dallas County, TX (approx 15,700 vs 10,800 agents); DeKalb County, GA (4,800 vs 1,800); San Diego County, CA (18,800 vs 9,300).

Bigger list = Bigger guaranteed exposure

And keep in mind since both companies guarantee a 10% open rate, the MondoFlyers guarantee is for a larger number of email opens when our list size is larger. Which means more guaranteed exposure for your listing.

The predictable result of sketchy emailing practices like emailing out-of-state

An email list can quickly "burn-out" when companies email listings to out-of-state agents, or send email subject lines that omit listing specifics. ZipYourFlyer allows both.

Many agents dislike out of state flyers so much that they opt-out, which leads to fewer and fewer agents opening that company's flyers. (We carefully tested this, and it is true even in adjacent communities like Portland OR & Vancouver WA.)

Many agents also dislike being teased by a cryptic email subject that says only "Price Reduction - A Must See!" without any indication of type of property or size (small lot? remote cabin? large mansion?).

Although ZipYourFlyer permits blasts to out-of-state agents, after more than a month I've still received literally ZERO AGENT INQUIRIES after using ZipYouFlyer to promote my Washington listing to agents in Portland, San Francisco, and San Diego. Realizing how much I myself dislike receiving irrelevant emails, I understood why Mondoflyers does not waste its customers' money by emailing out of state.
– Larry Lapidus, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson

#3. You get top-notch service WHEN you need it (not just "office hours")

Our iPad-carrying “Free Range” Support staff are on call to assist you nights, weekends, holidays

The MondoFlyers support staff work from wherever they want to work, often with a company-issued iPad. (Ties are optional.)

And 100% of MondoFlyers employees ~ even our engineers and founders ~ handle support at least a few hours per week, which keeps us all in touch with what you want and need. (We get tons of great ideas from agents, and we've literally updated our website an average of once a day for 7 years.)

As a result, with rare exceptions, a helpful knowledgeable flyer nerd is on call from 7am to 11pm PST, 7 days a week.

And our support is very proactive... diligently looking for typos or omissions in your content that may adversely affect your results.

Thanks for catching and fixing those typos!
– Renee Brewer, Broker, Lake Oswego, OR
ZipYourFlyer's weekend and evening support hours: zip (i.e., none)

ZipYourFlyer's customer service still excludes evenings, weekends and holidays, which seems to us so... last century.

Being open only 50 hours a week M-F is half as many hours per week as we are available to support our customers.

MondoFlyers works the same crazy hours you do!

In March 2018 James, in Florida, submitted a flyer order for his new listing at 1:06am in the morning EST.

Within 5 minutes our staffer "on-call" was alerted by text message and processed James' order to go out first-thing THAT morning.

BTW, James selected twice as many agents as ZipYourFlyer offers in his area. And his open rate exceeded 10% by the end of the same day.

Better technology. Better service. And better lists.

#4. More BUYERS see your flyer — the power of offering an 'unbranded' copy

More BUYERS will see your MondoFlyers eflyer.
Because we make it EASY by offering agents
an UNBRANDED copy to forward to their clients!

More agents forwarding your flyer to their clients helps you sell faster, right?

But, agents naturally are reluctant to forward a flyer to their client that has your name and contact info.

So when they open your fully-branded flyer, our eflyers also offer agents an UNBRANDED copy to forward to their buyers, without your name and phone (but still attributing your brokerage as the listing office).

You can certainly disable this unbranded feature for your flyer, but almost nobody does that because it is such a valuable feature.
As recently as March 2018 ZipYourFlyer used to tell agents NOT to forward your email flyer (March 2018 screenshot). Their CEO complained about us publishing the screenshot above. But facts are facts. ZipYourFlyer subsequently changed their message as shown below. Their email flyers still do not offer an unbranded version of your flyer for recipients to forward to their clients.
April 21, 2018 snapshot.

#5. You know what really happens, with OUR “unpadded” delivery report

Mark Twain used to say, there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

An accurate OPEN rate report is where the rubber meets the road... don't get distracted by clever competitor claims like "over 80% inbox placement" (IPR) which say NOTHING about how often YOUR flyer was ACTUALLY opened!... IPR is typically measured by a third-party vendor using a very small, pre-defined, NON-AGENT list. (But it's a "big" number so some competitors might hope IPR looks impressive to you. But IPR is no substitute for a real, un-padded open rate report.)

Unambiguous. Straightforward. No fine print. No padding.
24% total open rate, 11.7% unique open rate
for a Walnut Creek, CA listing sent to approx 19,600 agents
We even provide an HOURLY chart of your open rate!
(Shown is the report of 5052 opens in 4 hours for a Texas agent's Mondoflyer in Sept 2020.)

We encourage agents who send eflyers to demand a delivery report, insist upon a guaranteed open rate, then look out for fine print and tricky wording.

We report both the total opens (how many times it was opened) and the unique opens (how many different recipients opened it).

We report only measured opens, i.e., we do not pad the open rate with a calculation like some competitors.

And notice in the actual example above that we even report how many of the email views were on a smartphone so you can see for yourself how important it is to send a mobile-responsive flyer.

We also track and report how many times agents requested the unbranded version of your flyer, and how many times those were opened! And of course we track and report the number of web views of your email flyer.

We automatically send you a delivery report 4 hours after your flyer goes out, and provide a link to view up to date results.

In contrast, check the ZipYourFlyer fine print, below

As of February 15, 2018 ZipYourFlyer guarantees a 10% open rate, and their website claims their delivery report shows "how many agents it was sent to and exactly how many opened it". (emphasis added)

That sounds good. But their "exactly how many" claim is false.

ZipYourFlyer does not report "unique opens" i.e., they do not report how many agents opened a flyer. They report the (larger) total number of times the flyer was opened (including many re-opens by the same agents). So if you request a delivery report (by the way you have to request it) and you see "245" opens on a ZipYourFlyer delivery report, it is not (as they claim on their website) the number of people who opened it.

In addition, ZipYourFlyer does not report the actual measured opens, they add a calculated (but secret) number. At the bottom of their report it says (in 8 pixel fine print):

*Reported numbers are a combination of verified open tracking and a calculation accounting for Enterprise level and other email browsers which do not report.

Actual-size fine print in a ZipYourFlyer Delivery Report (Feb 2018)

In case you don't have your magnifying glass, here's what their fine print says: "*Reported numbers are a combination of verified open tracking and a calculation accounting for Enterprise level and other email browsers which do not report."

An agent who on Feb 23, 2018 asked ZipYourFlyer to specify how many opens reported on his ZipYourFlyer delivery report were "verified vs. calculated" was told the ZipYourFlyer calculation is "proprietary" and ZipYourFlyer declined to specify the magnitude of their "calculation".

In other words, ZipYourFlyer declined to report the actual measured open rate for the agent's eflyer.

#6. You market better to the nearly 50% of agents who use their smartphone!

Typical "print" eflyers are harder to read on Smartphones, they require zooming & panning
(Actual size typical Smartphone rendering)
MondoFlyers "responsive" templates ADAPT the layout to be MUCH easier to read on narrow screens
(Actual size typical Smartphone rendering)
Quick 1-minute video: examples of true “mobile responsive” eflyers vs. those “shrink-to-fit” eflyers everyone else sends.

Like most competitors, ZipYourFlyer offers zip (i.e., no) mobile-responsive email templates for smartphones. (That's a lot easier for them. But not as good for your recipients who use smartphones.)

All MondoFlyers email templates are mobile-responsive: multiple-column layout on large screens and a single-column on small screens, and with font sizes that compensate for viewing on the smaller screen.

Google "why is mobile responsive email important" if you want to know why we went to the trouble.

#7. More engagement with recipients — collect feedback w/ built-in Poll Question!

Use your eflyer to collect RSVPs!
Or spotlight key selling points of your listing

ZipYourFlyer flyers offer no polling feature.

In fact, as far as we know, no other eflyer system offers a built-in poll question feature.

On our eflyers, your poll question is prominently displayed in the upper-right corner of your email flyer, so even if you do not have a question per-se, it's a superb way to spotlight 2 or 3 key selling points of your listing.

And all the responses are included on your delivery report.

#8. Add a virtual tour, free, even when you don't have one

Just click a button to create & add a virtual tour
(right from from your MLS info)
if you don't already have one

Competitors like ZipYourFlyer do not build a virtual tour for you.

We do. With a button click.

(Having great engineers on our staff comes in pretty handy.)

#9. Impress your clients with a better Client Report

Unlike ZipYourFlyer, our printable client report shows what your flyer looks like, and how many recipients were selected for the email blast.

It's also designed to be added to your "prospects presentation" as a tangible example of the extra marketing you do for your clients... a proven way to close more listing agreements!

And, like your printable branded and unbranded flyers, it automatically includes a QR code so people can point their smart phone at the paper and pull up your flyer online!

His exact words when he saw [my other clients'] detailed delivery report was “your marketing is head and shoulders above the status quo,” then he gave me the listing. A nice return on my MondoFlyers investment! Larry Lapidus, REALTOR®

#10. See it BEFORE you pay for it. And NO cancel/change penalties.

Last minute changes? No problem at MondoFlyers!

Pay only AFTER you APPROVE your flyer.

We think you should see exactly what you are paying for before you pay for it.

In our system you enter your credit card info after you see the final flyer, approve it, and place your order.

And if, after you pay, you cancel for any reason, you get a full refund, as described below.

Never a change or cancelation fee.

Last minute changes or cancelations are always FREE. And easy, simply click the big red Cancel/Change button on your flyer any time before it gets emailed.

If you cancel your flyer before it goes out, for any reason, you automatically get a FULL refund. (You don't even have to ask.)

And you can make unlimited free changes (even at the last minute) without extra charge.

Doing eflyers the old way costs more and is slower

Besides being slower, another downside of services still using a manual process is their cost structure requires prepayment and cancelation fees.

Companies with a manual process, such as ZipYourFlyer, pretty much have to collect money from you before they invest support resources in making your flyer.

And if you cancel your flyer at the last minute, they've already invested that time so they need to charge you a cancelation fee.

Similarly, if you use too many review proofs they need to reserve the right to charge an extra fee.

Personally, we think better technology is the answer. But then, our founders are Stanford-grad engineers with multiple IPOs who know how to automate routine tasks to give our customers a faster and better experience.

You'll also enjoy this “Lagniappe” (a little something extra)...

Engage & Impress your client even MORE with the built-in Comment Card
(or simply use it to collect broker/colister suggestions)

Use our Comment Card feature to AUTOMATICALLY collect
comments, suggestions, and approvals from your seller and/or broker!

This feature will really IMPRESS your clients.

It's entirely optional, but we find that agents who engage their seller before the flyer goes out, by asking their opinion, make an even a bigger impact than simply showing them the flyer after it goes out.

Your MondoFlyers dashboard has a very cool built-in pre-publication comment card feature.

It lets people preview your flyer and make comments. All the comments get emailed to you AND get collected on one screen for easy reference.

Simply click the "Comment" button on your flyer control panel to invite your client, broker, co-listing agent, etc., to review it and make suggestions that you can see right on your flyer!

Eflyer services built on older technology don't have this feature, which makes collecting feedback like herding... you know

ZipYourFlyer offers no built-in mechanism for collecting and displaying pre-publication approvals/feedback from sellers and brokers.

But maybe after reading this they will add it, because this feature certainly makes listing agents' and marketing assistants' jobs easier!

'' and the shortened term 'ZipYourFlyer' is a registered trademark
of ZYF Marketing LLC which is not affiliated with our service.