Give your entire team the MondoFlyers marketing advantage

By popular request, we have added the ability for a brokerage to create a custom, upgraded flyer template for all their agents. And we've added some brokerage‑wide discounts and features that benefit all your agents whether or not they have us email flyers for them.

What it includes

  • Your custom brokerage-branded template [gold and silver]. Our easy-to-use dasgboard lets you create your own custom template that is available to all your agents' flyers, with custom colors, your logo, office address, and custom disclaimer/boilerplate language.
  • Centralized agents' flyer dashboard [gold and silver]. For offices where a marketing assistant creates agents' marketing materials, the assistant can create, view, and track all your agents' flyers from a dashboard.
  • Consolidated billing (if desired) [gold and silver]. For offices that wish to bill all agents' flyers to a single credit card, you can enable centralized billing for your agents' flyers.
  • Free deluxe flyer upgrades [gold only] (saves $5.00 per flyer) supporting twice the pictures, enhanced photo layout options, enhanced virtual tour, and a co‑listing agent if needed. All your agents, including those ordering only the free marketing toolkit, get can upgrade their flyers to the deluxe template for free.
  • Same-day special-delivery at no extra cost [gold only] (saves $10.00 per flyer)
  • Upgraded Marketing Toolkits [gold only] suitable for printing, posting on Facebook or Twitter, and self-emailing to agents' own sphere of clients. All of your agents (whether or not they send a paid email flyer) can create for all of their listings the
    • upgraded free virtual tour
    • free printable PDF
    • free Facebook-friendly web flyer
    • 8 trackable QR codes

As always, each flyer to be mass-emailed is still paid for separately (by the agent, or borokerage, as you prefer) based upon the number of agents it is emailed to, as described on our pricing page

Deluxe "Gold" Account

The cost for all of the above is only $60 per month per enrolled office street address, which enrolls all of your agents at that specific brokerage street address.

Payment does not commence until your account is "activated" which means you have designed your custom template and enrolled your agents. Your agent list can be updated weekly.

No hassle cancellations! This is a simple month-to-month subscription, cancellable any time without cancellation penalty. Cancellations are effective at the end of the current-month's term. Upon cancellation, all your agents' accounts simply revert to normal accounts (e.g., no more free deluxe upgrades or access to your brokerage-branded template.)

Free "Silver" Account

Any brokerage with at least 50 enrolled agents qualifies for a FREE brokerage account with all the "silver" benefits listed above.

How to get started

Contact our support staff at with any questions, or to request creating a brokerage‑wide account. There is no cost or obligation to setup a brokerage‑wide account and start designing your custom template.