The six reasons Mondoflyers will boost your marketing results

It's not just another email flyer.

It's an interactive medium for reaching out to other agents.

You can even collect feedback from other agents (such as asking for a headcount of who plans to attend your brokers open so you know how much food to bring).

There's also detailed open tracking reporting and a client report see more



Mondoflyers has changed the way we market our properties… in a good way! Flyers are interactive, they offer a link to our MLS listing and our virtual tour, they provide a map to the property being advertised… and the best thing is the price! Simple, affordable, measurable direct marketing that I use all the time because it gets results. Kelli Johnson, Spokane WA


Emails sent from your email address boost your open rate. So, for established recipents, our system automatically uses your email address as the 'from' email address so recipients can 'reply' directly to you. (Newer recipients will still see your name even though the 'from' address is our email address until they become established.)