Recent customer successes: In Georgia, L.M.'s Mondoflyer viewed rate is 29.4% ~~~ Congrats to M.L. whose California Mondoflyer has been viewed 4258 times ~~~ 287 polls answered recently ... did you know your Mondoflyer can ASK a poll question? ~~~ Google, Bing, etc. recently showed agents' Mondoflyers 50439 times (because of our search-engine-friendly text + photos format, unlike competitors who still publish old-fashioned JPGs) ~~~ Wow! Facebook users recently CLICKED 7099 times for MORE INFO from agents' Facebook-friendly Mondoflyers ~~~ 12790 virtual tours were recently clicked on agents' Mondoflyers ... (No tour? Make one with one click!) ~~~ In Colorado, C.A.'s Mondoflyer viewed rate is 40.5% ~~~ In Nevada, R.S.'s Mondoflyer viewed rate is 25.6% ~~~ In Idaho, N.B.'s Mondoflyer viewed rate is 23.0% ~~~ In Washington, T.B.'s Mondoflyer viewed rate is 22.5% ~~~ S.H.'s Minnesota Mondoflyer viewed rate is 29.2%

No other e-flyer service shows you an Hourly Chart of your open rate:

(Shown is the report of 5052 opens in 4 hours for a Texas agent's Mondoflyer in Sept 2020.)

The most detailed delivery reporting in the e-flyer industry

When you pay for marketing you deserve delivery details. See our industry-leading guarantee on the FAQ & Policies page.

Your MondoFlyers report shows how many unique recipients viewed your flyer via email and web. It also shows how many agents viewed it using mobile devices vs. computers. Simply click the 'see details' button to see their name and contact info. You can even see how often recipients forwarded an unbranded version to their own clients that was viewed.

Screenshot: Sample E-flyer Detailed Delivery Report with 18% open rate

No other e-flyer service shows your open rate for your email and web and Facebook versions, plus the number of unbranded copies opened after being forwarded by recipients to their own clients. (Plus mobile device usage!)

By the way, did you notice the 18% open rate for that California eflyer above?

Client-pleasing report also helps attract new clients

At no extra cost, you also get to show your client another great example of how you are actively marketing their property!

(Note: We send the report link to you, so you can decide whether to forward it to your client.)

Pro Tip! Show it to new prospects, too!

From coast-to-coast, agents have reported that they win new listings by showing prospects an example of extra marketing that other agents don't do. That's why the MondoFlyers Power Marketing Toolkit that comes with every eflyer includes a printable version of the client report.


His exact words when he saw [my other clients'] detailed delivery report was “your marketing is head and shoulders above the status quo,” then he gave me the listing. A nice return on my MondoFlyers investment! Larry Lapidus, REALTOR®
Screenshot: Sample Client Report showing an eflyer with an 18% open rate