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Estimate your flyer cost

The cost to email a Mondoflyer for an MLS-listed for sale property* is typically about $10 per thousand agents.

To see a specific estimate of delivery options available for your listing, enter your MLS listing's ZIPCODE below:

5 digit Zipcode:   

* MLS-listed for sale property flyer pricing. Pricing shown is a one-time cost to email one flyer for an MLS-listed property to the residential agents in that region via normal delivery. Contact Mondoflyers support for guidelines and pricing regarding other types of flyers, such as for services and seminars.

('Normal delivery' flyers are ordered at least one day before sending, by 7pm PST. A nominal rush charge applies to same-day flyers. We limit how many flyers we email to agents each day, so we enourange your to submit time-critical flyers as soon as possible.)

We even GUARANTEE the open rate of flyers... see our FAQs & Policies page for guarantee specifics.


Measurable results — for less money!

Mondoflyers was built from scratch to give agents a better agent-to-agent flyer for less money, including a detailed delivery report and client report!

Feature comparison

Other services Mondoflyers
Subscription fee? Sometimes No extra fees
Automatically composes a FREE printable 1-page handout?
(no purchase required)
Checkbox_empty Checkbox_check
Automatically composes a FREE Facebook friendly web flyer?
(no purchase required)
Checkbox_empty Checkbox_check
Gives you a detailed email delivery report?
See which agents viewed your flyer!
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Flyer is emailed from your own email address?
Emails sent from your email address boost your open rate. For established recipents, our system automatically uses your email address as the 'from' email address so they can 'reply' directly to you.
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Clickable link to your email? Checkbox_empty Checkbox_check
Clickable link to your website? Checkbox_empty Checkbox_check
Clickable link to your MLS page? Checkbox_empty Checkbox_check
Clickable link to your virtual tour? Checkbox_empty Checkbox_check
Adds a map for you?
Help agents find your open house!
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Use a simple photo if you prefer?
Saves you time if you don't have a flyer composed already, you can use a photo instead (since you can add property details separately as text)
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Ask agents a poll question?
Such as "Will you attend this open house?"
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