The only local flyer with detailed delivery reporting and a client report

When you pay for marketing you deserve delivery reports.

With MondoFlyers, 4 hours after your flyer is emailed we send you a report showing how many different agents viewed your flyer via email or web. Simply click the 'see who' button to see their contact info.



Mondoflyers lets me fire off a new flyer in seconds, their customer service is outstanding, and I appreciate the fact that they send me a detailed delivery report that lets me measure the effectiveness of different headlines and flyers. Steve James, Spokane WA


Get this client-pleasing report at no extra cost

At no extra cost, you also get to show your client another great example of how you are actively marketing their property!

With MondoFlyers, 4 hours after your flyer is emailed we'll send you a special client link you can forward to your client.



I just now received a new listing for a substantial property specifically because the client was so impressed with my Mondoflyer Delivery Report for another property. The client's exact words when he saw the detailed delivery report was “your marketing is head and shoulders above the status quo,” then he gave me the listing. A nice return on my $9.99 Mondoflyer investment! Larry Lapidus, Spokane WA